Our Vision

Petermann Law Our VisionSeparating can be an emotionally devastating and uncertain time. Your matter is extremely important, and we recognize that our competent, timely, and thoughtful advice can make a big difference for you. We want to help alleviate your stress and anxiety, by helping you navigate through the legal route in family law.

Our focus is to help you resolve the issues, so you can move on with your life with predictability and stability. Most of the time, we recommend negotiating and signing a separation agreement. Sometimes, the parties cannot agree and it is necessary to go to court.

Regardless of the avenue your matter takes, we are extremely sensitive to the costs. We do not “nickel-and-dime” or gouge, and we deliberately maintain reasonable hourly rates. We feel that the last thing you need during your separation is to have to pay astronomical legal fees. We offer a free 1/2 hour consultation to save you money.

We pay attention to your wants and needs. We ensure that we are responsive to you, and answer your questions on a timely basis. To help you reach your goals, we strategize to creatively find a solution.

By focusing exclusively in family law, we want our knowledge and experience to be relevant and practical, which can then help you with your matter.

This firm was started to help you.

To schedule a confidential and free 1/2 hour consultation in Burlington, please call our office at (905) 336-6919.