Marriage / Cohabitation Contracts

It can be prudent to have a Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement. This can be prepared and signed before you live together or get married, or even afterward.

The purpose is to set out what will happen on one or more issues if separation ever occurs. A properly drafted Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement can often prevent costly litigation.

The document can cover issues such as property, support obligations, and the right to direct the education and moral training of children. But, it cannot limit one’s right to possess a matrimonial home, or the right to custody of or access to the children.

It is highly recommended that both parties have separate lawyers to provide independent legal advice, so that the parties understand the risks and consequences of what they are signing. Full financial disclosure should be provided by both sides, to ensure that all information is present so a proper decision can be made.

We will spend the time with you to determine your goals, to bring up topics or terms that you may not have considered, and to draft a clear and concise contract.

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