After separation, both parents are entitled to seek custody of their child.

Custody is making major decisions on behalf of the child(ren). These decisions can relate to the areas of health, education, religion, and extra-curricular activities. There are many ways to structure custody, such as a sole, joint, shared, or parallel custody arrangement, and we work with you to determine what is best in your situation.

Custody is not the same as residency, which is where the children live. In some situations, the child may live primarily with one parent, but both parents have a joint custody arrangement. But, if certain circumstances exist, a joint or shared custody arrangement may not be appropriate.

If there is a joint or shared custody arrangement, then both parents will need to communicate together to make the major decisions. In a sole custody arrangement, only one parent makes the decisions. Day-to-day decisions are made by the parent who is caring for the child at that time.

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